Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Cloth Grocery Bags

Okay, so I know the are are a million things more interesting to most people than the bags they use to carry groceries, but I'm loving this. Instead of carrying groceries home in nappy old plastic bags that I have to find something to do with once I get all the groceries unloaded, I get to choose from interesting and cool cloth bags! I have found, however, that all bags are not created equal.

bags are black and thin. They're a little floppy, hard to fill, and not super cute. When the cashier tries to hold them up and put in your groceries, they just sag to the countertop and refuse to comply. This elicits an irritated, long-suffering sigh from said cashier, along with a look that says, "bite me".

Sprouts bags are a lively bright green. They're nice thick bags that almost stand up when you're trying to fill them. When the cashier goes to put in your groceries, it's fairly easy for her to do so. When she realizes that only two of your bags are from Sprouts and the others are the sucky Wal Mart bags, you get a very familiar sigh along with "the look".

Kroger bags are black with a nice bold green logo. They're thick and almost stand right up for you to fill and there is a hard plastic piece lining the bottom to ensure that your bag does not collapse in a heap (the designers probably hated the Wal Mart bags too). What is very cool, and tips the scales to make Kroger bags the clear winner, is the zippered compartment inside the bag. I do not know what this is for... only that it is super neat. I also know that I never get dirty looks from the Kroger cashiers, only looks of sympathy when they see the wretched Wal Mart bags among my heap.


Violets new Vintage 8:20 PM  

great post! I have a wide assortment of cloth bags. I don't know how I ever lived without them.

Kat 6:04 PM  

I know, right? The more I get, the more I want!! Although I have enough now :-)

Anonymous,  6:27 AM  

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