Sunday, September 28, 2008

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I have made no secret of the fact that this whole “blogging” thing is rather new to me. I have *had* a blog for quite some time, but it was more of a place where I just posted now and again; not trying to gain readership but only posting for my own sake. Now, I have discovered an entirely new world of social networking for bloggers – and I love it!

There are so many sites out there with great tips for making money by blogging and what not, but I stumbled upon a fellow entrecard user with a cute site called Walk Through Money Online Journal (the plaid background gives it a homey feel). Here, she not only gives tips on making money with your blog and increasing readership – but also journals her own experiences along the way – what works, what doesn’t. Check it out – you might find some useful tips.


Sharpodue 2:14 PM  

great post, i shall have a look and see if i can rake some money in...

doubt it though!

Tey 6:06 AM  

hi thank you so much for this post. Hope to see more of you
Walk Through Money Online Journal

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