Friday, September 05, 2008

Hypocritical Christians?

I'm a huge fan of Jason Mraz; I think he's an amazing lyricist and has a fantastic voice. In addition, he keeps a rather interesting myspace blog. I was reading some of his entries and came across something interesting. He was home for Christmas and was attending church with his family and had this to say:

"To make me feel better I decided to spend more time at Church. If anywhere, Church should have it together. And they do. I applaud the local church for organizing an extensive homeless shelter in the gym and taking donations of every kind to use for various missions. After all, the Christ hero spent all his time dealing with the sick and the poor, something our Christian nation and current administration could use a refresher course in.....

Still, just after Church, I heard enough gossip to be turned off by some of the congregation. Do people go to Church so much they forget why they are there? Do people assume their inner connection with some divine spirit makes it OK to blast off and be selfish again immediately?

People are strange."

Just reminds me that we need to be careful of the way we behave. We ARE the Jesus that people see. At least, we are supposed to be.


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