Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dark Matter Discovery?

Is there anything more mysterious than "dark matter"*? Scientists say that the theoretical dark matter makes up about 23 percent of all energy in the universe (matter and energy being basically equivalent, according to Einstein), the even more mysterious dark energy makes up about 73 percent, and only about 4 percent of the total energy in the universe is comprised of visible matter. Which completely makes sense when you think of all the empty (or invisible) space inside an atom. Everything we see is essentially made of empty space.

At any rate, dark matter has been researched but no evidence found until recently. Apparently, some scientists developed a method to detect the energy created when dark matter particles meet and annihilate one another... and then actually found evidence of this in the air over Antarctica! How cool is that?

*no, the actual composition of fruitcake doesn't count


Minmin 8:48 AM  

Mmm, I used to really enjoy reading about these stuff on New Scientist. Anyways, for my headings ... I cheated by using a wordpress plugin. You can also do it by embedding a font on the page.

Kat 9:25 AM  

Glad you enjoyed it!

So it's a wordpress plugin? Cool. Thanks for responding!

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