Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Universe

I am a true geek. I actually own two books dealing with quantum physics and the theory of Schrodinger's Cat, as well as several astronomy books and a few more dealing with theoretical physics. Now, I'm not claiming to completely understand all of it, but I will say that after seeing "What the Bleep Do We Know", I'm much closer :-). (that much closer to ruling the world, mwuahahaha).

At any rate, sometimes I wonder how far the whole "connectedness" thing goes.. I mean, if subatomic particles are all connected and actually communicate with each other - to the point of making joint decisions over time and space - how connected are WE on a subatomic level? When the phone rings, and I automatically "know" who is on the other end, or when I have a song stuck in my head, only to turn on the radio and find that it's on, is that coincidence?

There are times when I'm with people and I know what they're about to say - and I can almost always tell you when someone is sad or upset, even though other people don't see it. What if that's just the default state of the universe but we've somehow moved away from our ability to tap into it?

Just as a disclaimer: I've mentioned before that I'm weird, :-).


Sofia 1:54 PM  

Wow, this is really thought-provokativo!

Maybe it is like we've (centuries ago) turned OFF our abilities to connect, because we were too scared, or maybe we forgot, or it just wasn't DONE.

It's like if you turn off your computer and suddenly you're no longer connected to the WWW, you might forget it was possible, you might forget your password...

Kat 7:00 PM  

LOL! Very good comparison! I think you might be right :-)

jadedconformist 3:49 PM  

No, that's not weird at all. I love me some Quantum Mechanics and cosmology! I have watched 'What the Bleep Do We Know' as well, but I've heard a lot of experts in the field also say that it is psuedo-science and quantum mysticism. See

"But who are these people? Not until the end credits do we learn their names, or even their professions. The common factor seems to be that all have written books with titles like The Quantum Self and Conscious Acts of Creation. There are several medical researchers, a psychiatrist, a couple of therapists and four card-carrying physics Ph.D.s, one of whom is a Stanford professor. The filmmakers are eager to tout that credential — particularly on their Web site — banking on the authority of institutional science to sell their message of spiritual uplift."

Kat 3:55 PM  

Jaded Conformist, I definitely agree with you that "what the bleep do we know" should not be touted as a solid scientific piece. However the illustrations definitely allowed me to understand some quantum physics theories a bit better (visual learner here :-)).

I looked at "what the bleep" as more of a merging of physics and mystics, both of which intrigue me. I have to say that quantum physics will always include a bit of mysticism because it's just so weird! :)


jadedconformist 3:59 PM  

I agree, Kat. Just glad you know the difference! That's the important part. Take care.

And yes - it intrigued me as well.

Crisis Cartoon 9:26 PM  

You are a true geek... LOL

Icymar "Iceman" Tagimacruz 2:33 AM  

Hi nice blog clean and simple... great job..


Kat 8:48 AM  

Crisis cartoon - I'm the geekiest - and proud of it! lol!!

Iceman - thanks! I really appreciate that :-)

bob 9:00 PM  

i just caught a pbs show on multiple universes. i love that stuff. don't have a clue as to what it means but i'm intrigued by folks who have thought about it. this post made me think about it some more. and now i have a big bang going on in my head.

thank you very much!

great blog, good luck!!!

Kat 9:38 PM  

Bob, LOL! Listen to it or read about it long enough.. it starts making sense :-)

Congrats on the big bang!!

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