Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Sci Fi Channel - The Final Frontier

Wow! I didn't realize it had been almost a week since I'd posted here! Between posting here and at Kat's Healthy Living and writing articles... I get confused as to what I've done and what I haven't...

At any rate, I thought I'd ask if anyone here is a sci fi fan? I am (obviously) and love almost any sci fi you put in front of me (can I get a what what for Dr. Who?)

Well, there's a new (new to TV at least) show called Sanctuary. The draw for me was Amanda Tapping, cause I'm a HUGE Stargate fan. The show is done completely with green screen, so there are all sorts of cool scenes they can set up and still stay on the meager sci fi budget that these type of things are always bound to. It's only been on for a few weeks, but I'm really starting to like it.

I mean, I'm usually all about sci fi's that focus on space, but this one is cool too. The premise is that there are logical explanations for things like warewolves, vampires and such - they're just people with genetic mutations. Amanda Tapping's character, Helen Magnus, runs a
"sanctuary" - hence the name- for people and/or creatures like this. She protects people from the dangerous ones, and she protects the "nice" ones from people who would hunt them down.

Overall, I think it's very well done! And Amanda Tapping is awesome as usual.

What sci fi's do you like?


Nicole 4:00 PM  

I am a sci fi junkie, too--but it's for Ray Bradbury--I lOvE his stories... I probably would like the sci fi shows, too, but wouldn't know where to start. I grew up on Star Trek--but I'm far from a trekkie--I'll have to try "Sanctuary." :)

Kat 4:36 PM  

:-) I love to read sci fi too!

Tricia Grissom 9:39 AM  

Eureka is techy geek cool. They are between seasons on Sci Fi.

Kat 9:49 AM  

Oh I LOVE Eureka! Jack is so hilariously clueless...

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