Thursday, July 03, 2008

Animal Rights

Has anyone ever questioned whether or not we should have monkeys and apes in zoos? Especially the really intelligent ones?

We were at the zoo the other day; the weather was beautiful and there are so many trees and beautiful NATURE there!

As we came to the outdoor Orangutan habitat we were pleasantly suprised to see them playing -- we were there in the cool of the morning instead of the afternoon heat.

There were two who seemed to be lovebirds, or just very affectionate family, it was hard to tell. They were hugging and kissing and playing -- it was so adorable.

Then the mother came out with her baby... Mom climbed up the tree house and lay down. As soon as she heard baby climbing up after her she swung down. I suppose ALL mothers need some privacy once in a while :).

When baby finally caught up to mom, it was obvious he wanted to nurse. Every time he tried, she'd look up at the people watching and push him off. Finally she got on the ground and covered her face and her baby's as she loved on him; periodically uncovering her face to look up at us. It seemed she wanted privacy -- from us.

Later we were looking at a chimpanzee through some glass and he covered his face as well.

Seriously, they DON'T want to be constantly observed -- it's pretty obvious. The sights that day saddened me. Looking into their eyes; seeing their discomfort, I didn't know what to do to help!


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