Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are You Dreaming?

Did you ever wonder if the things you thought you knew were far from the truth and the things you thought were make-believe were real?

What if (as Einstein theorized) the world only exists due to our observation of it; and as a result everything that feels "real" and "solid" is merely our perception of our current experience. Could that be why Jesus told us that if we said "Mountain be thou removed into the sea" and truly believed it in our hearts it would happen? Is that why He had such command over nature? Because HE, being God made flesh understood the true nature of reality -- that it is what we make it to be -- really and truly?

How would you know if you were dreaming? When you're asleep and dreaming you think it's real until you awake, yes? Is death merely our awakening from the "dream" our spirits experience? When you dream, and you realize it's a dream, you can do anything; fly, breathe under water, whatever. There are amazing implications about our abilities in our "reality" here.

Just some things to think about....


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