Monday, September 15, 2008

I Love Trees

I love trees. For the last nine years I've lived in new neighborhoods with no real trees, just those little baby trees. All the parks we go to happen to be in those new neighborhoods with no real trees. Why on earth developers mow down all the good trees just to plant new little ones is beyond me -- money probably.

Anyway, yesterday we had a lunch at our 'new' church. I took the boys out back to play in the playground and completely lost track of time. The "backyard" of the church is full of big shady trees; I sat underneath this huge tree in complete serenity.

To me, there is nothing more peaceful or spiritual than sitting underneath a tree, listening to the birds housed by its branches or the wind blowing through the leaves.

With trees everything is cooler, shadier, the air is even sweeter.

*sigh* I need some trees.


kden 8:41 PM  

That's how I feel about the ocean. Sometimes I just "need" to be near one.

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