Friday, August 08, 2008

Widescreen TV??

Ok. For years now, we've purchased DVDs in widescreen in anticipation of that great day when all TVs would be widescreen and we could watch movies in all their widescreen glory. We've endured the dreaded black bars and watched movies on our 37" TV at a much smaller size to accomodate those blessed "sides" that supposedly get cut off when you buy a movie in the Full Screen version.

So the day finally arrives. We buy a WIDESCREEN TV! I look forward in great anticipation to watching all my widescreen movies FULL SCREEN! All 50" inches of it -- yeah!!

I put in a widescreen movie and what do I see? Bars. Not only are there bars, but the picture is STRETCHED to fit the WIDTH of the WIDESCREEN TV. Freaking TV developers. They've customized the WIDESCREEN TV ONLY for HD. HD!! Are the movies I've been purchasing for the last 5 years HD?? Heck NO!! So guess what I have to do? I have to set the picture size to "Movie Zoom" to make the picture look normal and not stretched. You wanna know what this does to the picture? It cuts off the sides.

Irony, don't you just love it?


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