Thursday, August 07, 2008

Freaky Toys

We have this toy, his name is Bubba, and he's a bear. Perhaps you've seen this bear in a toystore somewhere... perhaps you even own one of these little beings who look like a cool version of Teddy Ruxpin and sound just like Ross Perot.... perhaps not.

If you've never seen one... Bubba's big draw is that he has sensors and will converse with you at a freakishly real level.

Well... the other day my kids were playing together in one of their bedrooms. I could hear happy laughing punctuated by the occasional squabble over a toy. Pretty much the usual fare.

Then they're joined by a third voice -- his country accent definitely surpassing that of the boys. The three of them play for awhile and then the boys came into the kitchen for a snack - Bubba forgotten.

After about 15 min, I'd forgotten all about him too when I hear this voice coming from the bedroom -- muted by distance but clear enough to hear "Hey... where'd everybody go?".... way...too....creepy.


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