Sunday, August 03, 2008

In a Perfect World

I try to be mindful of every moment and remember what the real truth of life is, but in this world filled with distraction and insidious time consuming entertainment it's hard!

In a perfect world we would meditate on life every day. We would be thankful for the wonderful people in our lives and think about them and appreciate them. We would realize that even though we don't have that car we want, or our TV's just not big enough that we're still so incredibly blessed to be alive and well.

In a perfect world we could all live in safe neighborhoods where our kids could feel secure enough to play outside with their friends and we would hang out with our neighbors.

In a perfect world, instead of watching TV, we would hang out and talk, or look at the stars... because in that perfect world, there would be no light pollution and we could actually see the stars :).

Deep inside all of us there's that place that wishes the world were simpler, and we could live more simply... but really, if we would meditate on life, on family, on love, on God, we could have that simple life right here in the middle of all the complexity.


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