Monday, October 13, 2008

How's Your Word Power?

I LOVE Reader's Digest... always have. In fact, I can remember even as a kid, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Readers Digest so I could play the Word Power section and beat "the grownups". I truly believe that all that time spent with the magazine as a "youngster" contributed to my love of words (and knowledge of words) that prompted me to want to become a writer.

Well, I love it no less now than I did back then - and I was excited to find that they have a completely interactive website now (I don't know why I didn't check to see if they had a website before). They post all their great Readers Digest jokes at RD Laughs Main , there are also Stand-up Videos, Funny Cartoons and you can even add Widgets to your blog. If you have Facebook, you can add a photo app that lets you do crazy stuff to your pics. If you'll scroll down to the bottom of my page here, you'll see that I have downloaded my favorite, of course - Word Power. Anyone want to challenge me? Come on... you know you want to... even though you know I'll win...



PinoyCopywriter 10:05 AM  

When I was in high school up until college, I used to answer the WordPower section of Reader's Digest. That and the jokes are basically the first things I read.


Kat 11:11 AM  

I just recently got a new subscription to RD, I had forgotten how awesome it was :).

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