Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Global Blog Action Day

Did you know that today is global blog action day? It's a day set aside for bloggers across the globe to discuss important issues that affect us all. This year's topic is poverty. Poverty affects people around the world and if we could find a way to fight against it, so many people would benefit. Growing up, I would say that we definitely lived below the poverty line. If we hadn't always lived near family, we would have been in trouble several times, possibly even ending up homeless.

There HAS to be something that we can do. I was thinking the other day, if millionaires everywhere would take those millions of dollars they waste on extravagances, and give even $100,00 to a person here or there who needed it, what kind of impact would that have on society?

If I ever had that kind of money, I would find a way to help those in need who lived in my city... what it people in cities all over the world did that? Even at my current income, I can certainly afford to buy someone dinner now and then, or give to a local food bank or church pantry... things my family benefited from when I was a kid. Can you?


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