Monday, October 20, 2008


...I'm supposed to be working.... but I don't wanna. Is it sad that I work from home, (in my pj's if I want) whenever I want to, doing what I love (writing and editing), and yet here I sit (not in my pj's - by the way) on my couch, reading reeeaaaallly funny blogs, procrastinating the work that I used to only dream of doing? The previous sentence would never pass an edit, by the way; that's how NOT in the mood I am to work right now -- not even editing my OWN STUFF.

I suppose that goes to show you that ANY job, even your dream job, is still a job. Wow. Do you think Mariah Carey (firefox spell checker wanted to change her name to "pariah" - hmmm) sits at home, surfing the internet thinking, "Dang, I don't want to go to the studio today, I'd rather read funny blogs"?


Me neither.

I could email her a link to my blog though, see if she thinks it's funny. Don't you think it would be awesome to have the distinction of being the blog cool enough to derail Mariah Carey's career?


Me neither.

(yeah right)

Ok. I'm going to work now.


Kat (da lil u),  2:10 PM  

hi me!!!:DDD
i think ur me in the future!
i cant wait to b u!!! or me

:DDDDDDD im a very hyper person n u sound cool

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