Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Public Service Announcement: Exploding Dryers

Who would have thought that so mundane a task as washing your clothes could turn into a life threatening situation? As I was filling my washer today, my eyes wandered to the DIRE WARNINGS label.

You know... the section you never read?

Anyway, there it told me to make absolutely certain that none of my clothes were soiled with any kind of oil, because that oil can still remain once the wash cycle is finished (what an amazing cleaning machine, eh?). Sooo, if your clothing has any trace of oil on it when deposited into the dryer it can result in "Death, injury or fire". (!!!)

Can you imagine that eulogy?

"We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of our dear friend, Kat. She died, nobly washing the soiled garments of her family. I certainly hope they appreciate the sacrifice she made to ensure that their whites were the whitest..."

I suppose all we can really hope for is a really cool death, or a really mundane one, because dying like that, well, that's pretty much all anyone will remember... death by dryer.


kden 5:39 PM  

Isn't it funny what you can find when you start looking at things that you've never noticed before. I better get busy so I can find something to write about.

Kat 6:11 PM  

LOL! I know...

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