Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What would you do if there were no grocery store?

Call me weird, but I think about things like that. It's one of the motivations I have for planting a garden. Given the current economic climate combined with dire predictions about 2012, being self-sufficient is something that crosses my mind daily.

Now, you may be thinking, 2012? Really? Are you a freak? But hear me out... I'm an astronomy nut (read: astroNOMY not astroLOGY), and there are some things happening in our universe that December; very rare events which will most definitely affect our magnetic field (i.e, cell phones, satellites, electronics of every variety).

You have to ask yourself... if there were no communications, and the economy collapsed... where would you be?


Anonymous,  4:37 PM  

Wow I think of this stuff too!

makes me glad to now I am not the only one!

thought since you found my blog I would come and read yours!

I like it!

Kat 4:45 PM  

LOL! Yes, I don't come across alot of other people who think about these things...

Thanks for reading!

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