Monday, October 06, 2008

Green Acres

Okay, so maybe "acres" is a little ambitious... but I have been considering planting a garden this coming spring. We eat a lot of vegetables, and buying organic is really starting to eat away at the budget. To truly eat the amount of fruits and veggies that we need - eating organic is really a must or we are just filling our bodies with chemicals right along with the vitamins.

The soil here isn't fantastic, so I am planning to build a raised garden and start with some easy veggies like carrots, onions, and maybe some potatoes? I'm also considering some watermelons and cantaloupe - my kids eat those every day. We'll see how it goes... my grandmother has always had a garden, and I used to help her when I was kid. I think my own kids will really enjoy eating the fruits of their labor.

Also, when the economy collapses, we'll be sitting pretty, right? (what a joyful thought, eh?)

What about you? Do you garden? I would love to hear tips and tricks!


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