Monday, December 22, 2008

Un-freakin' Believable

Get this... are you ready? Army scientists have developed a technique designed to regrow human body parts. Yep - new body parts. Apparently the scientists combined materials from the intestinal lining and the urinary bladder (yummy, right?) to create something called the "extracelluar matrix" (Sounds like a good sci fi title). When this substance is applied to a damaged body part, it boosts our natural ability to repair ourselves and voila - new body part. (or would that be, theoretical voila?)

One test subject had cut off the tip of his finger in a model plane propeller (...oh come on, we've all been there). The substance was applied to the finger continually for four weeks, and the finger started to repair itself. They didn't specify how advanced the repair was - but apparently it was enough to get them all excited.

Now I'm thinking, what if this doesn't have to be limited to only replacing what body parts we already had - but was expanded to give us extras? Who doesn't need a couple of extra arms these days? Four legs for faster running? Actual eyes in the backs of our heads.

Oh the possibilities are endless...


Cindy 3:40 PM  

Look, I realize there are people who have lost fingers, toes, feet, arms, etc, but there are a lot more of us fatties in the world who would REALLY like an ointment that will melt the fat away. When are the geniuses at the Army going to research that? Huh? Huh? Think about how many more recruits they could get.

Kat 3:54 PM  

LOL! Cindy! You have no idea, I'm laughing so hard right now!! You're absolutely right! I would SO volunteer for a gig like that!!

jhony etherington 4:13 PM  

well...perhaps many people that could helped with this developed technique, but is God don't angry with this?coz the ability to cure people just interferenced by human? :-)

Kaber Vasuki 10:12 AM  

Ha ha. extra eyes! Sorry I can't hire you but you write well. I've decided to follow your blog. Like cindy says though, I'd like a gel to melt the fat away, better still get six packs, and muscles. ha ha

Kat 3:36 PM  

Well thanks for the follow! I'm glad you enjoy it!

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