Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not Tested On Animals

I'm all about animal... what's the opposite of cruelty - nicety? Anyway, I don't like the thought of testing some chemical-filled-possibly-volatile skin product on Fluffy, causing him to be fluffy no more, or even causing him to be Fluffy no more (no I did not just write the same phrase twice - read it again). It's sad really. So I'm very happy to know that these days, there are so many products clearly labeled "not tested on animals".

Then I noticed a trend in blogging - it's called the "product review". I do it myself from time to time at Kat's Healthy Living, as well as Kitchen Table Medicine... but I just recently really noticed how very many bloggers are willingly slathering unknown products on their skin, or taking new supplements, or whatever, in order to write a product review (because really, people love product reviews - I know for me, there's no better reading than a pro/con list, or a top ten list, or whathaveyou).

It then dawned on me that companies no longer test products on animals because they no longer NEED the animal. Fluffy got bumped. Yep. One day there will be an activist - deep in the trenches - fighting for blogger rights, longing for the day when they can read that label: "Not tested on bloggers".


Mik 9:47 PM  

Now I need to do some reviews for beer, caviar, Armani suits & Ferrari's.

They can gladly be tested on me :)

Kat 7:24 PM  

LOL! I know, right?

old philosopher 4:27 AM  

I hate the stuff they put on shelves in pet stores. Please let us know how to wash a cat. I just fill the tub with warm water, lure Ezzie with fish, and dump her in. But 50 gallons of water for 0.87 seconds of bath time seems excessive.
Good post.

old philosopher.

Kat 8:29 AM  

Bathe a cat! LOL! When I had cats - I simply left the bathing up to their little pink tongues...

Although I did have one odd cat who loved getting into a tub full of water.

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