Friday, January 23, 2009

Sci Fi Authors

I'll admit it, when it comes to my love of sci fi - I'm mainly limited to TV and movies. Which is really odd give my absolute love of reading! I really enjoy reading a good sci fi when I can find it, but finding them has proven difficult for me. When I look around, it seems that sci fi and fantasy are all piled together - and they are NOT the same thing. And there is such a wide array of "sci fi", that looking for one I'd like is akin to picking through the items at a garage sale.

What I love is a good story set in the future in space - with aliens yes, but also with humans. I also LOVE anything having to do with time travel. That's probably my favorite. I just read The Time Traveler's Wife and really enjoyed it. Not hardcore sci fi - but cool nonetheless.

So I'm asking for help! If you know of good sci fi authors who tend to focus on either space or time travel - I would love to hear about them! Give me authors who produce real page-turners!! I crave written sci fi!!


Book Calendar 2:22 PM  

Here are a few worth reading, Neal Asher, Jack McDevitt, and Elizabeth Moon.

Kat 3:53 PM  

Thanks! I'm writing these down to take to the library...

Lulubelle B 10:41 PM  

For great multi-level storytelling I recommend Frank Herbert's "Dune", Kim Stanley Robinson's "Years of Rice and Salt" and his Mars trilogy, plus "The Ugly Little Boy" by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg.

There's lots of good stuff out there - you're bound to find something you like. :^D

(found your request on blog catalog)

Anonymous,  12:34 AM  

Hi Kat,

My first exposure to sci-fi literature was through the writings of Arthur C. Clarke so I'd recommend him (the "Rendevous with Rama" set is quite good). Others I've enjoyed reading are Orson Scott Card and William Gibson. Bear in mind that science fiction encompasses a wide swath of storytelling genres; although you mention time travel and page turners, there are variations in terms of whether they focus on an alternate reality, dystopian society, etc.

I'm confident, though, that you'll find a few authors whose work strikes a chord with you. Good luck and happy reading. :)

Kat 9:58 AM  

Thanks for the suggestions!! I'm excited to have so much to go through :-).

Manuel 8:17 AM  

IMO, if you like books with time travel like I do, you may fin The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers interesting. It sort of mixes mysticism with sci-fi and, of course, time travel. I think I read somewhere that he has other books along that same line but I have never had the chance to read any of his other works. Hope you enjoy it!

Kat 4:06 PM  

Thanks Manuel! I'll have to check out Tim Powers! I wonder if it's anything like Stargate? Only with time travel?

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