Monday, April 20, 2009

Mother's Day...

Moms are special creatures. They love us when we mess up, they love us when we don't. If I weren't a mother myself, it might be hard to imagine why on earth they'd love us when we mess up, but I understand that now.

I suppose that's why there's a holiday just for moms; to repay them for all the stupid stuff they put up with!

Case in point: when I was about ten, we lived in the country and had a little pond. Well - it seemed as if there was a continuous stream of little baby frogs coming out of that pond, and I LOVED them. They were my little babies. I would stuff my pockets full of my little babies and bring them in the house. As you can imagine, my mom loved that. Right. She especially loved that I convinced my little brother to do the same thing.

So -every year I look for Mother's Day gifts that say, "Mom, I'm sorry for the dead frog you found in the dryer that time", or Mothers Day gifts that say, "Mom, please forget that time I put the cat in the pool (I wanted to see *why*, exactly, they hated water so much)."

Unfortunately, there are only so many gifts for Mothers Day that I have to choose from. Do you suppose that 1800Flowers has a "Mom, thank you for loving me even when I took off my diaper and smeared poo all over the wall" bouquet? Hey, it could happen!

I love you Mom!


Bobbie 7:25 AM  

You are an awesome mom as well, sweetheart! I love you too!

Kat 3:45 PM  

:-) Awww, thanks...

(note to self: mom reads my blog...)

Aiyana 4:03 AM  

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