Friday, October 03, 2008

Fellow Blogspot Bloggers

I like to surf Blogspot to see what everyone has to offer. It's cool because there are so many different "flavors" of bloggers out there. There are the "niche" bloggers who are generally experts in their fields, there are "family" bloggers who basically use their blog as a way to make sure that no family member misses a new pic or a funny story, then there are bloggers (like myself) who are "random" bloggers. We random bloggers blog about whatever catches our fancy :-). Sharpodue (he's on my blog link list) is a random blogger... and I've discovered a new one; her site is Jay's corner.

Jay is from India - but is very into popular American movies. I clicked on her site and was first intrigued by the picture, a black and white photo with blue eyes -- too cool (I'm into eyes). Then I read the first movie review on her page, "Mars Attacks" (I loved that movie, thought it was HILARIOUS!!). She does a really great job reviewing movies, although if you haven't seen the movie yet -- there may be some spoilers.

At any rate, I know that we all deserve to have a spotlight shown on our efforts now and again -- and I'm "paying it forward", so to speak :-).


kbguy 5:13 AM  

haha.. I don't even know what category is my blog. I blog about anything.. about how I feel, mostly I post my favourite photos. I guess they represent me...

Jay 1:32 PM  

thanks for your post about my blog Kat! And of course for the comments! will add you to my blogroll! Do the same! Visit my blog and read and enjoy! Thanks! See ya again!

Kat 2:32 PM  

No problem, it was my pleasure as I really did enjoy your site :-)

And absolutely -- we'll be blogroll buddies

kden 2:40 PM  

I love Blogspot too. I've met so many nice people, like you ;-)

Kat 3:30 PM  

Awww! Thanks :) Right back at ya!

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