Thursday, October 02, 2008

Physician's Formula Organic Line

I am all about all-natural products, so when I saw that Physican’s Formula was selling organic makeup I was very excited. My problem is that anytime I’ve tried all-natural or organic makeup, it just hasn’t “worked”. Usually the foundation doesn’t offer good coverage or the makeup itself just doesn’t stay on for more than an hour – probably due to the lack of petroleum and bat poo.

Anyway, I did try the Physician’s Formula liquid foundation and found it to be lacking – pretty much killing any hope I had of concealing my pimples with a non-toxic substance. However, the blush works wonderfully and so does the powder. One tip though, when using the blush and powder, you have to moisturize first and I mean thoroughly. If you don’t, that makeup will suck every ounce of moisture from your skin and make your pores look like craters.

If you know of a good all natural liquid foundation or concealer, please let me know because for now, I’m relegated to moisturizer and powder.

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Sharpodue 7:38 AM  

mmmmm i can just see it now...

fertilizer face packs

manure mascara

ooo lovely and smelly!

Dr. Nicole 11:53 PM  

Well at least you are honest! Gotta love these: Do not buy reviews.

Have you ever tried Jane Iredale? You can buy her products on line. They are all minerals. I have heard Bare Minerals is good too, but have never tried. Also, Dr. Haushakaka or something like that (don't quote me lol) is also good...and organic.

Your site is just looking FANTASTIC! I love the new look, feel, and changes. Keep up the great work :D Doc

Kat 5:18 PM  

LOL, thanks Doc... this (obviously) was not a paid review... they would've "fired" me. It's just my honest opinion :-)

I've never heard of Jane Iredale -- I'll have to look her up. I've tried Bare Minerals and they work ok, but they dry my skin out quite a bit.

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